Remote Work Putting Your Data at Risk?

Collaborate securely on sensitive documents using Wrapsody eCo
while you work-from-home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Stop Insiders From Stealing Your Intellectual Property

Encrypt, apply in-use granular permissions and
assign dynamic access control to sensitive files
as trusted insiders use documents

Without Reducing Dark and ROT Data,
All Security and Productivity Solutions Are a Waste of Money

Protect critical data and increase productivity while
eliminating your dark data and reducing ROT data
using Fasoo’s security and productivity solutions

Trusted by 2.7 Million Users

Building the most robust and scalable unstructured data security and privacy solutions
that enable continuous adaptive protection based on unique technologies and
strategic approach to comprehensive product capabilities

Next Generation Data Security and Data Management

The intelligent approach companies need to control unstructured data

Fasoo Data Radar

Discovery and Classification

A data governance solution to discover and classify
sensitive unstructured data based on its association
with people and other characteristics,
showing the data’s security vulnerability and dynamically
applying security policies on a continuous basis.


Fasoo Enterprise DRM

Advanced Data Protection

The most advanced file-based security solution
that allows organizations to protect, control
and track sensitive documents to meet the internal
and regulatory security requirements during all stages
in the document lifecycle.



Enterprise Content Platform

An information-centric content services platform for
data collaboration, management, governance and protection.
Using a persistent ID, it enables organizations to
integrate a core set of functions essential to all applications that
touch enterprise unstructured data.


Wrapsody eCo

Secure Collaboration Platform

An intuitive and open collaboration solution
that lets you securely share, trace, control, and remotely
expire access to sensitive content. Content is always
protected and under your control, internally and at third parties,
with traceability and audit accountability meeting
today’s most stringent regulatory compliance requirements.


Fasoo RiskView


A user behavior and risk management
analytic solution that applies sophisticated rule-based modeling
to confidential data to establish normal patterns of behavior.
It flags suspicious activities that may indicate elevated
levels of risk and can alert management
to a potential data breach.


Want to Know More?

  • Don’t let work-from-home put your sensitive data at risk


    Collaborate securely on sensitive documents using Wrapsody eCo while you work-from-home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Stop intellectual property theft by encrypting and controlling data


    Minimize insider threats by encrypting and controlling sensitive data at the point of creation and improve your overall enterprise security.

  • Discourage printing sensitive information on home printers


    Block printing of sensitive data in documents on home printers using Fasoo Smart Print while you work-from-home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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