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World Leading Manufacturer Company Chooses Fasoo For Protection of Proprietary IP

January 10, 2021

Fasoo announced today that a world leading manufacturing company selected Fasoo as its file-centric security solution to protect intellectual property designs across multiple CAD applications while in use, at rest, and in transit. The company will secure and control documents shared with its supply chain partners using the same advanced protection it uses for internal users. As a top 20 patent owner, it is critical to protect its intellectual property to maintain its competitive advantage. With Fasoo, documents carry persistent file-level security that remains with each file regardless of location or transmission channel throughout their entire lifecycle. The company can restrict document access based on user, group, location or network, and protect documents shared by email, EFSS, on-line portals and more.

“We’re thrilled to be embarking on the journey to help this venerated, globally-recognized brand protect unstructured data across their value chain,” said Colter Carambio, EVP Sales at Fasoo. “As more organizations look beyond the perimeter to true defense-in-depth approaches, securing vital intellectual property at the atomic level – the file itself – allows the security to travel with the file wherever it goes, and will play an increasingly significant role in the security stack.”

The company chose Fasoo to provide:

File level protection
Fasoo Enterprise DRM (FED) encrypts files with a unique identifier that remains with the file allowing users and administrators to track usage including any derivatives, regardless of location. Access controls for groups or individuals grant permissions, such as View, Edit, Print or Screen Capture, to limit what a user can do with a file.

Screen security
Fasoo Smart Screen (FSS) deters users from taking pictures of information displayed on screens or through snipping tools by adding customizable screen watermarking with company logos, date and time stamp, IP address, and user information to trace an image to its source. Secure Screen can apply watermarks to any application and URL, block and monitor screen capture
attempts, and show images of what was captured and by whom.

About Fasoo
Fasoo products span the life-cycle of sensitive unstructured data to discover, classify, protect, monitor, control, track and expire access to content wherever it travels or resides. Its integrated solution enables users to securely collaborate internally and externally with sensitive information while consistently meeting corporate governance and regulatory requirements. Its file-centric approach using encryption with a unique identifier allows organizations to have more visibility and control over unstructured data without interrupting workflows. Fasoo has embarked in this journey with over 1,500 enterprises to field data-centric solutions that proactively protect corporate brand, competitive position and meet ever-increasing regulatory demands.

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