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[Use Case] Implement Data-Centric Security to Protect Sensitive Data at All Times

December 8, 2023

A semiconductor manufacturer needs to better protect its intellectual property as it opens new design and fabrication facilities. Its existing data security system focuses on protecting the locations of files on endpoints, file shares, and in the cloud rather than on the data itself. As users and systems share files and documents, this perimeter-based approach leaves files containing sensitive data vulnerable because the security does not travel with the document. Security policies do not apply as users move documents from a protected location to the cloud or an endpoint, so users could deliberately or inadvertently share them with competitors or other unauthorized users. Users viewing sensitive data on a screen could easily take a screenshot using image capture tools or a phone and share it with unauthorized users. As users need to move files to an air-gapped network for the most sensitive data, management wants to simplify granting exceptions to security policy to accommodate these needs.

Learn how Fasoo helps implement Data-Centric Security to protect sensitive data at all times.

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