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[Press Release] Integration with Fasoo Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) makes it easy to secure files downloaded from Box

August 23, 2022

BETHESDA, MD, AUGUST 23, 2022 Fasoo, a leader in Zero Trust Data Security, today announced the availability of a Box connector for the Fasoo Data Security Platform (FDSP).  The Connector makes it easy to add persistent, file-centric security to documents downloaded from Box.

Today’s hybrid workplace requires a new approach to data loss prevention to close gaps arising from work-from-home, personal devices (BYOD), and cloud collaboration platforms.  Fasoo’s core technology protects, controls, and tracks sensitive documents at rest, in transit, and in use throughout the entire document lifecycle.

By encrypting files and adding controls over their use, you can limit editing, printing, and sharing of sensitive data with unauthorized users both inside and outside your organization.  A content ID embedded with each file provides the ultimate traceability and file monitoring enabling a single, universal log of all file access and usage.

With the new Box Connector, organizations can now automatically apply explicit granular document rights to content in Box as users download and share it.  The policies are centralized, persistent, and protect the data even after it has left the Box repository, ensuring secure internal and external collaboration.

One of the unique capabilities of Fasoo’s solution is that policies defined in Box can be mapped to the rights used to persistently protect files.  By automating the policies that secure files that travel across and outside the organization, Fasoo’s policy federation significantly reduces the effort typically associated with managing an EDRM solution.

“True zero trust must extend beyond just document access to include controls over the use of the data and universal lifetime monitoring.  The combination of Fasoo and Box provides a powerful way for organizations to manage and share their sensitive data with employees and third parties while meeting these zero trust standards,” stated John Herring, President, and CEO of Fasoo Inc.  “With the new Fasoo Connector for Box, enterprises can implement explicit and adaptive access to, control over, and traceability of sensitive files so security and compliance safeguards are persistently enforced no matter where the file travels.”

Fasoo is the partner of choice for some of the world’s largest corporations as they look to protect their most valuable data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

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