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Too Many Data Security Tools? Data Security Platforms Are The Way Forward

Data Security Platforms Are The Way Forward

The volume of sensitive data in your organization is growing and the need to process and share information is accelerating.  Your data security tools are not keeping up and these problems are only making your job harder.

  • Managing rule sets in disparate tools creates inconsistent policies leaving gaps that expose data to breaches.
  • Multiple consoles and alert tools create complexity and often overwhelm your ability to administer and respond quickly.
  • Implementing vendor upgrades to multiple point solutions disrupts operations and increases the overall total cost of ownership.


Your peers are looking to Data Security Platforms (DSP) to overcome these challenges.  Within the next 18 months, Gartner predicts over 30% of enterprises are expected to adopt DSPs.

Read more about starting your migration planning to DSPs now and move forward in 2023.

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