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GREENFEED applies Fasoo’s DRM to fortify intellectual property protection and reduce threat surfaces

October 4, 2021

Multi-national animal feed and livestock corporation GREENFEED has implemented data and application security firm Fasoo’s enterprise digital rights management (DRM) solution to protect against insider threats, prevent data breaches, and enforce the highest level of protection for its sensitive data and intellectual property documents.

Before the use of Fasoo’s DRM, GREENFEED used conventional, perimeter-based security measures, but the solutions were not ideal for managing insider threats. Most of GREENFEED’s intellectual property (IP) documents were in the forms of Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and Adobe Illustrator that the company was seeking to enforce file-level access controls and audit trails to the IP documents in various formats at all times.

GREENFEED added capabilities that all sensitive documents are automatically encrypted when saved and only authorized users with proper credentials to access the documents regardless of their location. In addition, GREENFEED applied screen security solutions to work from home and remote workers, preventing and tracing unauthorized capture attempts.
As a result, GREENFEED was able to construct a data-centric security architecture, protecting sensitive information whether data is at rest, in transit, or even in use.

“Enterprise DRM used to be a popular choice for few vertical industries like high-tech manufacturing, BFSI, and public industries, but it has become essential solutions for all verticals as we approach hybrid workplace era,” said Kangman Lee of Fasoo.

In September, Fasoo also updated its cloud security solution, Fasoo CloudBridge to enhance the usability and security of data managed at cloud-based repositories.

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