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Fasoo to Demonstrate Next Generation Data Security and Data Management Solutions at the RSA Conference

February 25, 2020

Fasoo, a leader in data-centric security, will demonstrate its next generation data security and data management solutions at the 2020 RSA Security Conference being held February 24-28 in San Francisco. The company will showcase how organizations can maintain security and privacy in the workplace without compromising productivity. This includes reducing redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data, minimizing the data threat surface and complying with privacy regulations.

New features in Fasoo Data Radar automates discovery of sensitive data across multiple structured and unstructured data sources, quarantine of files in violation of privacy policies with built in remediation, and monitoring and auditing enhancements that provide deeper insight to sensitive file use and access across multiple devices. A file-centric, protect-first approach binds adaptive access control to the file so it’s protected across cloud services, networks, applications and devices. Our smart “Pac-n-Tag” technology encrypts and injects a unique identifier into each file allowing users to track, audit and expire sensitive data enabling compliance with strict privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and NYDFS. This approach enhances legacy data blocking and prevention mechanisms that are becoming less effective against advanced attacks and struggle to comply with new regulations.

“Data Radar provides a unique capability with “Pac-n-Tag” because no one in the market can uncover, classify, secure and track sensitive unstructured data like we do,” said Debbie Kish, EVP Marketing and Research at Fasoo. “Our new enhanced monitoring and granular logging simplifies auditing for strict and changing privacy regulations.”

Wrapsody eCo allows you to securely share and trace sensitive documents with internal and external users to meet regulatory requirements like GDPR and CCPA. Users can specify the security and control for each file, from open sharing to encryption, or share with a group using predefined controls. Granular rights, such as copy, paste, edit and print, can be applied for enhanced security of sensitive information. Users can work across multiple repositories while preserving consistent file security and traceability. Wrapsody eCo helps lower 3rd party risk by always controlling access to shared data, including the ability to remotely expire access at will.

“Companies struggle with securely sharing and managing documents with 3rd parties,” said Dr. Kyugon Cho, Founder and CEO of Fasoo. “Wrapsody eCo makes it easy to collaborate with workgroups through our content virtualization technology, ensuring users always have the latest version regardless of the file’s location. Workgroup members are automatically notified of any changes to shared documents.”

Visit Fasoo at RSA booth #S949 to learn how next generation data security and data management solutions fast track your path to data-centric security and privacy compliance.

CONTACT: Deborah Kishdeborahkish@fasoo.com

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