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Apex CISO National Virtual Summit

Fasoo Explains How to Reduce Privacy and Security Risks Through Data Discovery and Classification at the Apex CISO National Virtual Summit

Fasoo sponsored the Apex CISO National Virtual Summit on August 25, 2020 where presenters conducted their sessions while attendees watched and participated via chat from their at-home working environments. Just before our presentation titled: “Protecting the Unknown: Reducing Privacy and Security Risk Through Data Discovery and Classification“, attendees indicated their excitement about our topic, data security and privacy, acknowledging that data discovery is “huge” through the chat window.

Several CISOs who joined our Fireside Chat between Deborah Kish, our EVP, Research & Marketing and Tom Kartanowicz, CISO for Commerzbank strongly agreed with the discussion that it is important to discover data and eliminate sensitive information that is subject to privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA. We emphasized that hanging on to data that is no longer useful will ensure a reduced risk surface and ensure better management of unstructured sensitive data. Something else that sparked attention was how quickly the cost of a data breach, at $1,000 per record, can add up.

Overall, we got confirmation that data discovery and classification is in mind and that concerns over financial implications of a data breach are palpable.

For more information, please visit the Apex CISO National Virtual Summit website.

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