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Crest’s iDW brings Fasoo’s Automatic Data Classification capabilities to Alfresco platform

August 27, 2020

Crest Infosolutions, a Digital Transformation Solution Provider today announced integration of its Intelligent Digital Workspace (iDW) solution with Fasoo Data Radar (FDR), an Automatic Data Classification Solution by Fasoo Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Digital Workspace(iDW) is a modern, responsive, multi-lingual and secure Digital Workspace Solution to facilitate digital transformation journey of enterprises. Built on robust Alfresco Digital Business platform to support digital operations of an enterprise aiding in enhanced user productivity, operational agility and business continuity. Alfresco Content Services is world’s leading enterprise-class, cloud-native platform that provides open, flexible, highly scalable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities.

Fasoo Data Radar (FDR) discovers sensitive data in databases and files on servers, in the cloud or endpoint devices using patterns, keywords, file types or attributes in pre-defined or custom detection rule templates. Protection rules immediately classify and add a label to files, encrypt with a unique identifier, quarantine or assign adaptive access control to authorized users.

FDR’s smart “Pac-n-Tag” technology automatically classifies, encrypts and embeds a unique identifier (Tag) into each file so you don’t need to rescan to determine its sensitivity. Adding access control and traceability through a protection policy (Pac) allows you to efficiently comply with privacy regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, NYDFS and PCI. Centralized policy management simplifies discovery and classification by not requiring users to make decisions on data sensitivity.

The integrated solution can identify and control sensitive files as soon as they are uploaded into Alfresco ECM repository, without user intervention, ensuring data is always protected and under your control, regardless of location.

“We are excited about the possibility to serve Alfresco customers. With the Fasoo Data Radar (FDR) integration, Alfresco customers will be able to gain better insights about sensitive information stored in their Enterprise Content Repository and avoid mishandling of sensitive documents.” stated Kangman Lee, Senior Executive Vice President of Fasoo.

“There are several data classification solutions available in the market, however, they lack the ability to automatically classify non-textual documents, such as documents scanned as images or non-searchable PDFs. Seamless integration with Content Repositories is another challenge faced by customers.” added Hemant Prasad, CEO of Crest Infosolutions. “Joint efforts by Crest Infosolutions and Fasoo aim to address this challenge faced by customer and offer a seamless and innovative data classification solution to enterprises”

For more information on Fasoo’s products and solutions, please visit fasoo.com. For more information on Crest Infosolutions, visit https://crestsolution.com/.

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