Wouldn’t it be nice not to patch software?

Wouldn’t it be nice not to patch software?Today I got an email telling me that Microsoft is planning a jumbo patch day next Tuesday.  Microsoft today said it will deliver 10 security updates next week to patch serious bugs in Windows, Internet Explorer, Word and Excel.  I don’t want to pick on Microsoft, since this is a common occurrence with software vendors.  Microsoft gets the lion’s share of the grief, since they have a large percentage of the OS and desktop application market.

What if I didn’t have to worry about patching bugs on my computers?  I have 2 desktops and 2 laptops at home to worry about.  What if someone else did it for me?  If I use a SaaS application, then all I need to think about is my browser.  When I use Freshbooks, Gmail, and Concur, the SaaS provider fixes the bugs and I don’t worry about them.  Granted there could be a bug that interferes with my desktop, but that is less common than with a local application.  With a SaaS application the provider can fix these bugs quickly and every user is immediately patched.  This isn’t perfect, since I still need to worry about the vulnerability of my browser, but SaaS does simplify my patching problem.  It also makes it easier to use a mobile device, netbook or Internet cafe to do my work.
With SaaS you worry less about patching your applications and more about your work.  Do you think things are a little easier with SaaS?


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