‘Tis the Season

Think About Your Customer’s Document Security

Now that it’s October, fall is in the air (at least in the northeast US) and the leaves are dropping onto the lawns.  It’s time for change and time to think about getting ready for the coming winter.

It’s also a good time to think about changes and planning in your business.  Here are a few suggestions:

Call Your Customers
When is the last time you spoke to your customers?  If you do it regularly, great.  If you haven’t talked to them in awhile, give them a call.  Thank them for their business and see if they need any help.  Communicating through email, newsletters, Twitter and Facebook are all good things, but sometimes you need to talk to someone.

Check your Document Security
How is your information security?  Have you had a recent data breach?  Do you know someone in your industry who has?  This is a good time to review your policies and procedures and make sure you have the right technology in place.  Just like without the right home or auto insurance, one bad accident can throw you into disarray.

Think About Your Customer’s Document Security
Since you asked your customers how you can help them, think about their document security.  If you send them a contract or price list, can you guarantee that it only goes to the person intended?  If they send something confidential to you, can you be sure it doesn’t accidentally get posted on Facebook or a message board somewhere?  Do them a favor and help them secure their documents.  It will make both of you happy.  


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