SaaS makes you more competitive too

recent post by Peter Cohen of Practical Advice on SaaS Marketing talked about building a comprehensive case forSaaS.  If you just focus on price, someone will always undercut you.  In a post I wrote a few months ago, I talked about SaaS being more than cost cutting.  In this difficult economy, everyone is looking to save money and people will pull the price card as the first reaction.  
But SaaS can also make you more competitive by allowing you to move faster than your competition.  If you want to deploy an on-premise application, it takes a long time.  Everyone remembers the horror stories of 2-year projects to deploy CRM systems.  And when they were finally deployed, the functionality wasn’t what people expected.  Compare that to rolling out or Concur.  You can do it in a few weeks or months; if you’re a small business, maybe a few hours.  While your competitors are still writing up the capital request for all the new hardware they will need, you are getting the business benefits of your SaaS application.  
How about supporting mobile users?  It’s easy to access your application from any browser on any device at any time.  Many SaaS solutions also have iPhone or Blackberry apps.  By providing your sales force or service staff with the information they need, they can close more business and make your customers happier.  
So while SaaS can definitely save you money, it clearly gives you a competitive edge.
How has SaaS helped you?

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– Written by Ron Arden

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