Quocirca Publishes Report Suggesting Insider Threats Can Be Solved with DRM – Download Report

Can Insider Threats Be Solved with DRM?Quocirca Ltd., a leading research and analysis company, has just released a report highlighting the growing concern of insider threats in the workplace and a possible solution for it.

In the past, outside threats, such as hackers, were more of a concern to an organization’s security, but recent events have brought to light the damage that an insider can bring to an organization – often more so than an outsider.

The Quocirca report looks at the challenges faced by organizations in protecting against data breaches (insider threats in particular) and assesses this rising issue. It analyzes various security solutions organizations already have in place to protect against data breaches, but suggests that while these solutions were effective against previous forms of threats, they aren’t fully effective when it comes to addressing the insider threat. On the contrary, digital rights management (DRM) is highlighted as one of the best security solutions out there that provide the comprehensive protection required against insider threats.

If you would like to read the complete report, click here to download.

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