Fasoo Shows How to Protect Data in the HR Department

IT Business Edge shows how Fasoo protects HR dataHR departments have a unique set of security challenges to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of internal staff and external clients.  While maintaining the confidentiality of personally identifiable information (PII), they also develop and share information that needs wide distribution.

Managing these somewhat contradictory requirements requires an approach that is flexible enough to protect against insider threats, while enabling secure sharing.

IT Business Edge has published the slideshow, “Data Protection: Five Challenges Facing the Enterprise HR Department”, that highlights five functions of an enterprise HR department and how Fasoo can help meet the specific access and permission requirements for different tiers of information.

Most companies think about employee PII and information that is generally under the control of HR, but how about when someone leaves the organization?  HR is one of the first to know and can inform the organization of a pending departure.  This helps ensure the organization can immediately disable access to sensitive materials, if there is a concern of theft.

View the slideshow and see some of the ways you can protect your most sensitive information.

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