Fasoo Presents at Brite Cybersecurity Conference

Fasoo presents at Brite Cybersecurity ConferenceBill Blake, President of Fasoo USA, and Ron Arden, Vice President and CMO, presented on “Defending the Enterprise Against Trusted Insiders” during day 3 of Brite Computer’s Virtual Cybersecurity Conference.   With the increasing cyber-attacks, insider threats and a myriad of compliance regulations, today’s businesses need a well-educated cybersecurity professional to sort through the tools and tactics of a multi-faceted approach in holistic security.

The virtual conference provided attendees with 10 one-hour, virtual opportunities to learn tips, tricks and and trends around preventing and stopping cyber-threats.

Having just been at the annual RSA Conference in April 2015, Bill discussed some of the current challenges he heard on protecting sensitive data.  Armit Yoran, President of RSA, mentioned in a keynote session that “IT Security has failed.  Your security infrastructure is built for a world that no longer exists.”  Those comments and others heard at the show made it clear that most most organizations still clinging to perimeter based security solutions, are not prepared to meet today’s cyber challenges.

The issue today is that hackers and other bad actors want to steal your data.  Through sophisticated malware, social engineering and targeted attacks, organizations are losing sensitive information at an alarming rate.  Most security professionals agree that if you haven’t been attacked, you will be.  It’s not a matter of if any longer, it’s when.

Ron followed Bill’s presentation with a demonstration of how Fasoo can protect the unstructured content that proliferates throughout organizations.  IDC had a study saying that about 80% of corporate information is in unstructured content.  And even the information inside database systems is typically localized into spreadsheets, PDFs and other types of reports.  Most companies have no idea what they have and where it is.  The best approach is to lock the information as you create it and ensure that only authorized people can access it.

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