Data Breach Concerns Still Linger with Printing

Data Breach Concerns Still Linger with Printing

Last month a South Texas Veterans Health Care System alerted 4,000 veterans that their personal data had been exposed as a result of a printing error. In an another article, only 17% of businesses are using mobile printing due to concerns of security threats and in a recent research by Quocirca released in August over 90% of organizations have suffered at least one data breach due to unsecured printing.

It all way too common to see businesses leaving themselves open to data breaches as their printers leave printouts exposed, unclaimed and ultimately open to and accessible by staff, contractors and visitors. The need for secure printing continues even though only 22% of businesses place a high importance on the security of printed documents.

There needs to be a solution that focuses on what most businesses focus on which is managing print usage and costs by controlling the cost of color, paper and toner supplies. However, this solution needs to also focus on what is overlooked which is print security. Controlling and managing access to MFPs and printers, secure mobile printing and tracking and auditing usage are three challenges that come to mind when it comes to securing printers. These three challenges must also be part of this solution.

Some of the key benefits of secure printing are as follows:

· Increased document security – avoids unauthorized use

· Increased user mobility and productivity – print anytime, anywhere

· Reduced paper waste – unclaimed documents are eliminated, reducing paper, ink and toner usage

· Improved accountability – tracking printer usage for auditing purposes

With these protective measures and cost cutting capabilities, Fasoo ePrint provides an effective yet secure print management solution.  If Fasoo ePrint detects sensitive information in a document, a predefined policy can block printing. It controls and traces printed documents on your existing MFPs, so you can continue to use your current output devices.

When used with Fasoo Enterprise DRM solutions, it extends the security area and provides stronger protection for personal information maintained within companies. This then provides a wider range of solutions to protect not only your printouts but also you data.

With this solution out there and ready to be implemented, it is time to mitigate and eliminate the risk of data breaches through printers as there are already too many making headlines that could have been avoided with this solution.


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