Data Security

File-centric, protect-first approach

IP Protection from screenshots, phone cameras and printouts

Protect designs and other sensitive files from insider threats

Use Fasoo to deter sharing images and printouts of sensitive data






  • Restrict printing documents with sensitive information
  • Require authentication prior to retrieving a printout
  • Apply dynamic watermarks to printouts without user intervention
  • Control printouts with automatic data masking and pull-printing
  • Trace and manage printing activities, including the actual content of documents in text or image format
  • Limit printing to virtual printers


  • Prevent data leaks by blocking screen capture attempts of sensitive information with visible screen watermarks
  • Control who can take a Screen Capture of sensitive data
  • Deter sharing sensitive data with unauthorized users
  • Trace sensitive data back to the source through dynamic watermarks
  • Minimize the risk of a data breach by sharing images of sensitive data
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