Data Security

File-centric, protect-first approach

Protect Health Records Viewed in EMR Systems

Reduce the risk of HIPAA violations and PHI exposure when viewing information on screen


As clinicians and others view patient information from EMR and other health information systems, screen capture tools and smartphones make it easy to capture the sensitive information displayed on the computer screen. This increases the likelihood of a data breach as a trusted insider may inadvertently or deliberately share this information on social media or with unauthorized people. These actions can violate HIPAA and patient privacy laws. You need to block efforts to capture what is on the screen and provide specific information through a watermark that shows the screen’s location.


Fasoo Smart Screen protects patient information as you display it on a screen by blocking capture attempts from screen capture tools, through virtual machines and remote desktop applications. Visible watermarks with user information (name, user ID, time, date, computer IP address) are displayed on the screen or on specific applications, while they are in use. This deters theft of sensitive information by someone taking a picture of the screen and allows you to track potential data breaches. Protecting your patient’s information ensures you meet healthcare regulations and safeguards patient confidentiality.


  • Prevent screen capture tools from capturing PHI on computer screens
  • Deter users from taking pictures of sensitive data on a screen with visible watermarks
  • Apply customized watermarks for each user and application
  • Stop access of sensitive information on a screen through virtual machines
  • Limit remote access to sensitive information on a screen