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Collaborate with Colleagues Efficiently

Wrapsody helps a system integrator quickly create customer proposals


A system integrator creates project proposals for systems customization work delivered to its customers. Six members of a project team typically work on each proposal and need to collaborate on the different versions to produce a final version. The project team made a lot of careless errors while sharing the proposals through email or on a file server. There was a lot of confusion and wasted time during the process because someone had to continuously combine different parts of the proposal and keep track of the current version. This made it very difficult to complete the proposals by the targeted deadline. The company tried various online editing solutions to resolve these problems. Unfortunately, even though these solutions support collaboration with synchronized editing, they didn’t allow the project team to persistently manage all the documents for a project.


After implementing Wrapsody, the project leader created the initial proposal as a Wrapsody document and shared it with the project team. Whenever someone updated the document, it was automatically uploaded to the server and others could obtain the latest version by clicking on their local copy. This dramatically improved the project team’s efficiency and productivity by eliminating wasted time and effort. The automated backup, tagging and advanced search functions of Wrapsody let them easily manage the countless number of documents they use for all their projects. This let them create and share proposals with their customers faster.