Data Security

File-centric, protect-first approach


Protect Sensitive Data – Maintain Regulatory Compliance

As a financial institution, adhering to cybersecurity and privacy regulations can be challenging.
Maintaining security throughout the life cycle of sensitive customer information from data creation to disposal is critical.

  • Automatically Protect
    Sensitive Information

    Granular access control ensures
    that only authorized employees
    have access to sensitive data.

  • Traceability

    Quickly respond to regulatory audits
    and data subject requests
    with a comprehensive audit trail of
    document access.

  • Secure Data Everywhere

    File-centric means data is protected
    across all environments
    including cloud services, networks,
    applications, file shares and devices.


Protecting customers’ sensitive information and complying with data subject requests allows us
to adhere to regulatory mandates and is critical to our agility and maintaining trust with our customers

Protect Against Reputational Damage

Financial institutions are a main target for hackers and without a first line of defense your data is exposed and available to risk.


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