Data Security

File-centric, protect-first approach

Fasoo Data Security Framework (FDSF)

Protect Your Unstructured Data Like You Mean It

Today’s hybrid, multi-cloud, work-from-home and mobile world is confronted by advanced persistent threats and mandated to comply with new privacy regulations. Sensitive unstructured data is a rapidly expanding threat surface exposing confidential information to data loss and theft that can damage corporate brand and incur costly regulatory fines. The need to fortify and scale your unstructured data security and privacy infrastructure is a critical response to the next global crisis. The Fasoo Data Security and Privacy Framework complements traditional enterprise DLP and point solutions by finding and protecting data as it travels both within the organizational perimeter and beyond through granular access rights according to policies that cover both users and activities. The best way is to focus on controlling the data itself rather than controlling every system, location or device that comes in contact or interacts with the data. Rather than a repository or location-centric approach, companies need a file-centric approach that persistently protects and manages sensitive unstructured data.

The approach that companies need to control unstructured data

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