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[Intellyx] Fasoo: Embedded Security for Documents and Unstructured Data

March 21, 2024

Following a briefing by Ron Arden, Eric Newcomer of Intellyx wrote a post about Fasoo and its approach to the market.

Fasoo’s suite of security products protects documents and unstructured data regardless of where they are stored or how they are accessed.

Rather than protecting the location of the document, such as in a repository or file system directory, Fasoo’s authorization mechanism defines permissions for individual documents and files.

Fasoo integrates with identity access management (IAM) systems for creating and managing user IDs. These user IDs inherit permissions from the IAM system, which Fasoo augments with additional permissions for file and document access.

The Fasoo agent blocks unauthorized users from accessing or sharing a document, and intercepts calls to operating system services to block document printing and screen capture requests if a user isn’t permitted to execute those commands.

Fasoo downloads a document, encrypts it, adds the permissions, and then uploads it back to its location with the security controls in place.

Fasoo grew out of a digital rights management (DRM) system developed for Samsung and evolved into a set of products for document security independent of where a document or file is stored.

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