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Sensitive Data Everywhere –
Find It, Classify It, Manage It, and Protect It

Financial services organizations generate sensitive data at an unprecedented rate and copies of documents are scattered across numerous endpoints, cloud repositories and internal systems.

Did you know:

  • It is no longer effective to only apply controls to traditional databases and applications.
  • File creation and sharing results in sensitive data stored outside of approved locations.
  • Most organizaitons focus on data privacy only to support regulatory compliance.

Fasoo’s step-in solution automates:

Data Discovery & Classification

  • Find all sensitive files, including dark data
  • Automatically classify files

Protect & Embedded ID

  • Automatically apply encryption to sensitive files
  • Add an embedded ID to each file and any derivatives to trace files through their lifecyle

Access Control

  • Comply with privacy and industry regulations
  • Add DRM granular permissions to files that require the highest level of protection and control

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