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Companies face constant challenges to protect and manage their information.
With over 80% of their data in documents, drawings and other media residing outside of structured databases, companies are rushing to get control of their unstructured data.

Some challenges with unstructured data include:

  • Highly vulnerable to data leakage
  • Poorly managed
  • Unorganized, fragmented and redundant

These challenges can lead to a risk of data breaches and loss of productivity.

Valuable and sensitive information is beyond your control. How did this happen? 90% of security professionals trust employees with privileged access most of the time, but only 41% trust these insiders completely, proving that blind spots exist in privilege sprawl. Current approaches to managing unstructured data are repository-centric, and works well only inside a company’s perimeter. Today, unstructured data moves in and out of a company’s perimeter.

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