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In November 2022, the world changed as OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, its Generative AI chatbot, that can interact in human-like conversations and generate content such as emails, articles, books, images, song lyrics, and application code. Most companies are looking to use AI to optimize existing operations rather than radically transform their business models. While the potential benefits of this technology are enormous, there are also risks to your data and business.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize security, but it also poses significant risks. These risks include lack of transparency, overreliance on AI, bias, and discrimination, vulnerability to attacks, lack of human oversight, high cost, and privacy concerns. These risks can lead to incorrect decisions and a false sense of security, negatively impacting individuals, or groups.

Attackers can use AI to improve the sophistication and effectiveness of their attacks. Misuse of AI can lead to major privacy and security issues as AI systems collect and process vast amounts of data. Users could mishandle information, resulting in a data breach, intellectual property theft, and other forms of abuse.

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