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The risk of insider threats exists in any company regardless of its size. Security solutions cannot always reduce the possibility of an insider threat, even though some solutions can provide basic levels of protection. Insider threat is difficult to detect due to privileged users having legitimate access to data and having specific knowledge of security controls and methods to bypass them.

Fasoo RiskView is a user behavior analytics based risk management solution that applies sophisticated rule-based modeling to data sources to establish normal patterns of behavior and flag suspicious activities that indicate sufficient risk to merit concern and potential intervention by business management.

  1. Collect and monitor comprehensive usage logs of unstructured data.
  2. Apply sophisticated rule-based modeling to data sources.
  3. Leverage deep learning capabilities to risk assessment.
  4. Build foundation on correlation analytics of behavior patterns.
  5. Identify and respond to anomalies.
  6. Identify potential insider threats.
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