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In today’s digital landscape, the inherent risks of generative AI models pose a significant concern for organizations across industries. These models may inadvertently memorize and reveal sensitive data from the large datasets used for training or contaminate users’ PCs with malware and phishing attacks. Secure use of generative AI involves implementing privacy-preserving techniques to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal or confidential data.

Fasoo offers a GenAI security solution that effectively addresses these data privacy concerns and mitigates the risk of data leaks in generative AI. Using Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), the solution prevents user PCs from being compromised by potentially malicious web contents and safeguards information assets by restricting the data transfer upon detecting sensitive data in each prompt. Fasoo AI-R DLP ensures that personally identifiable information (PII), confidential business data, or proprietary information do not leave the hands of the enterprise, thereby fortifying data privacy and security protocols within the organization’s digital ecosystem.

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