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Streamline and Operationalize Security and Privacy InitiativesStreamline and Operationalize Security and Privacy Initiatives

Leading organizations are discovering how a protect first, file-centric approach fortifies data security and enhances data visibility to comply with privacy…

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Data Visibility for Privacy and SecurityData Visibility for Privacy and Security

The best approach is a self-reporting file method, one that automatically traces, gathers and records all document interactions without reliance on disparate network, application, and device logs…

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Protect-First Approach To Data-Centric SecurityProtect-First Approach To Data-Centric Security

There are three predominant methods in the market today to prevent loss and unauthorized access to sensitive unstructured data. Each is different and the best way to compare and contrast…

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Fix these six vulnerabilities in your data security architectureSix Vulnerable Points in Your Data Security Architecture and How You Can Protect Them

It’s time to do a quick check of key vulnerabilities impacting sensitive unstructured data that may arise…

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What Unstructured Data is Sensitive?What Unstructured Data is Sensitive?

Your organization’s sensitive unstructured data is a rapidly growing threat surface increasingly targeted by threat actors.

It poses unique security challenges, many that are not addressed by the majority…

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