Independence From Cybercrime

Independence from CybercrimeYesterday the United States celebrated Independence Day, which marks the day that the 13 original colonies declared their independence from Great Britain.  Many of the complaints were that the colonists were not treated fairly and their rights as English subjects were being undermined.

Back in 1776 mass communication was a slow process.  News took awhile to get from town to town.  Private correspondence took days or weeks to move across a state or country.  If someone stole valuable information, it was a slow process to get it to those that could benefit.

Today, mass communication is instantaneous.  The Internet makes sharing pictures, videos, audio and text a breeze.  The amount of information available to all of us has grown to staggering proportions in the last few years.  Stealing it is a lot easier today and moving it around to interested parties is very simple.

Today our digital rights are being undermined by criminal activity on the Internet.  We need to declare our independence from this tyranny and regain a sense of security in our lives.  Information security is not just for governments and big corporations.  It’s for all of us.

Watch this great video about how information security has grown up with the Internet and take a few lessons from the tips at the end of it.



Photo credit J.W.Photography

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