Fasoo Launches Secure Content Service for Dropbox Users to Prevent Security Breaches

Folder Crypto

Fasoo, the leader in data and application security, today announced the launch of Folder Cryptor for Dropbox, a B2C service to safely secure personal contents in Dropbox.

With the growing number of personal PCs, smartphones and tablet PCs, the use of public cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and more to store and share personal information has dramatically increased. The cloud’s widespread use has made it a target for hackers to steal data that is stored and shared in this environment. Files shared with others can be leaked or be delivered to a third party mistakenly or deliberately. The result can lead to sensitive files containing personal photographs, passwords and other confidential information being exposed.

Last September, personal photos and videos of over 100 celebrities were stolen from their Apple iCloud accounts and widely shared through social media. Then last October, 7 million Dropbox usernames and passwords were stolen. These headlines are causing Dropbox users to be concerned as the amount of personal information being leaked from the cloud continues to increase.

With the launch of Folder Cryptor for Dropbox, Fasoo offers a robust security service for Dropbox users to safely store and share personal information within the cloud. Files uploaded into these secure folders through Folder Cryptor are automatically encrypted and are considered safe even when they are hacked and stolen. Because these files are encrypted throughout their entire life, users can safely and easily share them with family, friends and coworkers.

Dropbox users can simply install Folder Cryptor on their PC (Windows/Mac) or mobile device (iOS/Android) and only requires your existing Dropbox authentication. Since users will be automatically connecting with their Dropbox account, Folder Cryptor will secure their files without having to manage any user credentials.

“The most basic part of using cloud storage services should be the security of personal information and contents.” said Jongsin Choi, Managing Director of the Cloud Service Division at Fasoo. “We are also planning to launch Folder Cryptor services for a variety of other cloud storage services in the near future.”

Folder Cryptor offers a free trial version where users can create up to three secure folders. For unlimited secure folders, including all features from the trial version, users can purchase Folder Cryptor Pro for only $2.99 (one-time payment). This service can be downloaded from as well as on your mobile device from Apple App Store or Google Play.

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