Fasoo Content-Centric Document Management Solution Simplifies Collaboration

Fasoo launched its newest solution, Wrapsody, this week during the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from May 18 – 19, 2015.  Wrapsody allows organizations to seamlessly collaborate and share documents while minimizing the problem of version control.  This content-centric document management solution ensures that every user has the latest version of a document on every device they use.

Some key features include:

  1. Automatic content synchronization to simplify collaboration through seamless information sharing
  2. Access to the most up-to-date content on any device
  3. Synchronization without sharing documents through email or cloud storage services
  4. Graphical maps of document usage showing correlations and derivatives of documents
  5. Understanding document usage patterns throughout your organization

“The time has come for a new growth point in the maturing ECM market,” stated Fasoo’s CEO Dr. Kyugon Cho. “Wrapsody has been developed to meet the market needs of users, rather than the existing concept of current ECM solutions.  People will get to experience the most innovative and effective content lifecycle management solution to date.”

Managing content is a huge challenge for all organizations.  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, file servers and other document repositories allow users to store and organize content that relate to an organizations’ processes.  Users are frequently confused with different document versions and often send numerous emails, make phone calls or go back to the repository to make sure everyone is working with the same version of a document.  Once the document leaves the repository, it is difficult to track and ensure that every user has the latest content.

When you open a document with Wraposdy, the latest version automatically synchs to your local device. Without user intervention, previous versions can be stored and managed in a central repository so you don’t have to worry about backup and the loss of data. Wrapsody lets you see who opened a document, when it was last reviewed and even lets you change document access permissions on the fly, including revoking access completely.

Each version of the document displays a full history of usage, including document owner, administrator, revision start/finish and trusted time stamp information.  The trusted time stamp and an electronic signature on the content itself provide an approval workflow that simplifies many business processes.

Wrapsody is a new way of looking at content management that makes collaboration easy.  Fasoo is offering a free trial by going to the Wrapsody website at and asking you to sign up.

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