Digital Rights Management joins Data Loss Prevention

Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) is a growing and important part of securing an organization’s information.  The traditional methods of using firewalls and intrusion detection systems are good at keeping the bad guys out, but not so good at keeping those on the inside (the good guys?) from leaking important documents.  EDRM encrypts documents and controls access to them even after they leave the security of your firewall.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is good at filtering content by searching for things like social security numbers and preventing that information from getting out.  But it’s not good at preventing sensitive documents from walking out the door on a thumb drive or other removable media.
Today announced a new product that combines the best of both worlds.  Their new Context-Sensitive DRM scans documents for sensitive information and automatically encrypts them with predefined security policies.  What’s great is that it will crawl your internal network and find all of these documents automatically based upon rules you create.  This is a leg up on a lot of DLP systems that only inspect content as it’s leaving through email.  Context-Sensitive DRM acts on the documents as soon as they are created.  
I think this combination from Fasoo will make it easier to keep the important information inside, hopefully preventing a lot those oops scenarios we read about daily.

Picture credit andrewk100


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