Enterprise Content Platform

Of workers have found themselves working on the wrong version of a document by mistake

Content Management Challenges

  • Content sprawl and version control

  • Silos of storage-based content management systems

  • Unrestricted content left unmanaged

  • Redundancy in endpoints, servers, and cloud

  • Cloud and mobile computing with continue to accelerate changes



Wrapsody is an enterprise content platform that covers collaboration, document management, data governance and data protection in a single platform. 


Unlike enterprise social networks, EFSS solutions and email, there is no need for redundant file sharing, as Wrapsody documents only need to be shared once and have the latest version anytime, anywhere.


By ensuring that content management functionality travels with files where they go, Wrapsody fills the gaps by complementing technologies such as enterprise content management and enterprise resource planning, in some cases rendering them redundant. It’s the next step forward for accurate, time efficient and user-friendly management.


The Wrapsody platform consists of a server, client application on users’ PCs and virtual workspace apps for mobile devices. To meet regulation and compliance requirements as well as the needs of data discovery and classification, each Wrapsody document carries a unique content ID and a version number by itself. This content ID combines with all metadata of a document, ensuring that all content management and security functionality are available regardless of its location. This guarantees the efficient back-up of all document versions and keeps the document history up to date.


Wrapsody offers access control and an audit trail from the creation of a Wrapsody document, and travels with them wherever they go and in addition there is an embedded option for enterprise digital rights management to enhance security. In addition, even when a data is lost, because each Wrapsody document  and every version is automatically backed up with without duplications and the ability to restore files instantly, this minimizes even greater risks with ransomware. Wrapsody guarantees to gather actual data usage logs of all enterprise documents with rich context no matter where the documents are located. Thus applying behavioral analytics in collaboration with reliable data and a proven analytic scheme.