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Leading organizations are discovering how a protect first, file centric approach fortifies data security and enhances data visibility to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Now, learn how this approach simplifies implementation and operations to fast track your security and privacy initiatives.

Today’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and data security analytics solutions are challenging to deploy and manage. These solutions repetitively apply complicated rules and analytics at each location where data travels to identify misuse.

Common shortfalls include:

  1. Rule-sets and analytics only monitor but don’t protect the data itself.
  2. Responding to alerts, including false-positives, overwhelms security staff.
  3. Inappropriately applied rules block user workflows.
  4. Implementation is required at each email, network, endpoint and cloud location.

A protect first approach takes a more direct path to safeguarding files that contain sensitive data. At its core is a file-centric technology. A file with sensitive data is discovered, classified and secured the moment it’s created.

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