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Do you still rely on traditional perimeter-based methods to safeguard sensitive files? If so, ask yourself:

  • Am I losing the race chasing sensitive files to every new endpoint, cloud service and collaboration application to protect them?
  • Why do I monitor and alert on sensitive file misuse when over 87% of insider threats go undetected or are unresolved after 30 days?
  • How can I stop remote workers from inadvertently printing or sharing sensitive files while working from home and collaborating with third parties?

Go beyond perimeter-based tools and analytics to really protect sensitive files. Download this leadership brief, “A Comprehensive Approach to File Security and Compliance” and discover how enterprise wide encryption and control of sensitive data at the file-level secures the data itself to fortify, simplify and enhance privacy compliance.

Find out how a file-centric method empowers:

  • A protect-first approach that secures the file itself rather than leaving data exposed.
  • Strong, layered protection that encrypts, controls user access, and restricts file usage to stop external and insider threats.
  • Centralized file security and control that is consistently enforced everywhere, including when working from home.
  • Self-reporting files that automatically trace, gather and record all document interactions.
  • An efficient approach to automate data discovery, classification, protection and reporting in an integrated platform.

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