The Need for Behavior Centric Detection and Response
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The Need for Behavior Centric Detection and Response

How many times have you been too late to discover a data breach after it has happened? A majority of time, it can take anywhere from days to months to detect these breaches. This has constantly been a challenge for not only organizations themselves, but also the security industry. The talk of data-centric security is just as important as being able to discover the behaviors of users and their devices.

It has been acknowledged that users are the weakest link in terms of cyber security and also are considered the most at risk for data breaches to occur. There has been very little information on the behaviors of these users and the patterns of usage. According to a recent article regarding why we need behavior centric detection and response, “Active engagement in monitoring, detecting and deriving insight into user access and usage patterns can foretell risky activity. Identifying early warning signs is critical for protecting against sophisticated threats including malicious insiders and external attackers that have hijacked legitimate user accounts.”

Fasoo Extends Data Security at IBM Insight 2015
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Fasoo Extends Data Security at IBM Insight 2015This is the second year Fasoo participated in the IBM Insight conference in Las Vegas and by the reaction of customers, IBM employees and other vendors, we made a big splash.  Enterprise Digital Rights Management and data-centric security for sensitive information appear to be at the top of many people’s minds.

The event had over 13,000 attendees from all over the world and focused on Analytics, Big Data, Content Management, Information Governance and Security.  There was a major focus on using analytics to understand and predict trends for business and to help eliminate security threats.  Cloud and mobile transcend these categories as business has become mobile, fluid and unfortunately more dangerous.  There was also a big presence of the Internet of Things, as more organizations are extending business models through wearable and more autonomous devices.