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Pharmaceutical company uses Wrapsody to shorten clinical test trials

A leading pharmaceutical company saves time and money by streamlining its clinical test trials

A leading pharmaceutical company saves time and money by streamlining its clinical test trials


A pharmaceutical company combines advanced science with expertise in the research, development, and provision of a broad array of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.


The Company’s clinical test group constantly updated and shared clinical test results for new medicines. There were constant problems finding documents containing new medicine development plans, clinical test results, and related activities. It was especially difficult to find clinical results on digestive medicines as several hundred documents came up in search results from their document management system.

The members of this group were frustrated and tired of searching endlessly for documents they needed. To make matters worse, the number of documents on clinical results from various medicines was growing exponentially. As a result, the company had to deal with a lot of redundant documents because people were copying every version to repositories, and IT had to periodically manage and remove related documents to overcome overwhelming indexing issues.


The Company implemented Wrapsody to help the clinical test group locate documents quickly. Its dynamic tag view allowed them to find documents of clinical results by labeling them with relevant tags, such as development projects or medicine names. It presented a tile-type interface for tag-based search which simplified the process. It was easy to find the targeted tag group and search through a shortened list to find the document they needed. The test group could also find other detailed clinical results on some medicines through branch maps that visually show the related documents associated with specific medicines. Trial information and research notes were all linked providing an easy look at an entire trial.



Wrapsody gives users an innovative approach to file centralization and content virtualization.  By providing a visual way to search for related documents, information on medicines, and the results of clinical trials was easy to find.  Since Wrapsody eliminates redundancy by automatically synching the latest version to the repository, IT didn’t have to remove files from the system.  As users reviewed trial results, they opened their local copy of a document, and the latest version appeared.  Wrapsody minimized documents existing in the company’s various storage locations by detecting redundant documents using augmented intelligence.  This improved their productivity and allowed them to focus on test results rather than finding documents.

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