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Wrapsody lets a leading global food distributor quickly compile weekly sales results


It was not easy for a global food distributor to gather sales results from offices around the world. At the company’s global headquarters, a finance manager was in charge of gathering sales results by email from offices in as many as 20 cities. Every week the staff at these 20 sales offices emailed their weekly report to the finance manager to compile into a consolidated report.
If the sales offices did not send the report on a timely basis, the manager had to send reminders by email or phone to all offices. The company tried to develop a customized web application to simplify the process, but stopped development because of lack of flexibility and the burden of high maintenance costs.


The finance manager created a Wrapsody template of the weekly sales report and sent it to each sales office. The offices updated their weekly sales report which was automatically updated on the finance manager’s copy. Once finished, he could quickly share the company’s global sales progress with upper management. The company also did not have to develop a customized web application since they concluded that Wrapsody was a more flexible and cost-effective solution.
Wrapsody improved everyone’s productivity by eliminating weekly emails and phone calls to update sales results and let the sales people focus on selling.