Data Security

File-centric, protect-first approach


Extend the Security From Information System to Endpoint

Public sectors work through information systems to manage all intellectual property because they
are efficient and secure. However, when data leaves the confines of the secure information system,
not only does it lose the security, but it is also impossible to control or trace their usages.

  • Extend the Security
    Beyond Repositories

    Fasoo solutions encrypt documents
    automatically from the moment
    they are downloaded to endpoints
    and maps access permissions.

  • Protect, Control and Trace
    Wherever Data Travels

    Once data is protected,
    all sensitive information is
    under control at a granular level
    and all usage activity is traced
    regardless of its location.

  • Uncover Gray Areas or Blind
    Spots of Data Security

    Apply screen watermark for
    confidential data and enforce print
    watermarks for sensitive information
    to prevent data breaches
    from malicious insiders.


Protect the document persistently even after it leaves information systems
with the same level of security applied

Improve Data Security and Privacy in the Public Sector

Well-known government agencies are already using Fasoo Enterprise DRM to protect, control,
and trace sensitive data during the its lifecycle regardless of locations


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