Data Security

File-centric, protect-first approach


Protect Patient Information – Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Protecting patient and sensitive internal information is a high priority.
Complying with HIPAA and other privacy regulations requires limiting access to authorized people.

  • Privacy Compliance

    Fasoo’s comprehensive activity logging and audit trail allow for fast response time to regulatory audits and help demonstrate regulatory compliance for internal and patient data.

  • Persistently Secure
    Patient Information

    Ensure all your patient information and communications are secure upon creation and when transported electronically. Maintain control through monitoring use to ensure only those who need to see it can.

  • Maintain Trust

    Now you can focus on providing superior healthcare with peace of mind that the integrity, confidentiality and security of patient data, is maintained at all times.


Privacy and security of patient information is critical to ensure
we have trust and compliance

Reduce Risk of HIPAA Violations and PHI Exposure

For security and privacy of personally identifiable and sensitive patient information, 5 key best practices must be considered:

  • Only authorized employees have access to sensitive data
  • Encrypting data/files when transmitting electronically
  • Revoke access upon termination immediately
  • Encrypt files as they are better protected in the event a device is stolen
  • Log activity and monitor for signs of unauthorized sharing or access to sensitive files

Fasoo offers your organization strong encryption, full audit trail and other protections to comply with todays most stringent regulations.


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