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[Webinar] Learn How an Innovative Enterprise Content Platform Can Secure Your Business Critical Documents at Endpoints


As enterprises undergo digital transformation, they need a simpler, smarter and virtualized approach to managing and securing their business critical documents regardless of where it is stored. It is essential for this approach to move your organization from chaos to productivity, without much of the change management.

In this webinar, we will look at how an information-centric content services platform, Wrapsody, solves these issues with a unique approach to information management. We will also demonstrate how your organization will be able to cover collaboration, document management, data governance and data protection in a single platform.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Eliminate productivity issues, ensuring all content management and security functionalities are available regardless of its location
  • Collaborate on localized documents and enable file sharing, security, communication and many more based on metadata-driven content services platform
  • Protect and apply file-level access control to sensitive documents at all times, and reduce threat surface
  • Instantly backup and restore every version of documents, minimizing risk from ransomware
  • Categorize and label business critical documents for compliance and regulatory needs
  • Analyze document usage and user productivity with comprehensive audit trail
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