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[Press Release] Fasoo Unveils Next-Generation Data Security Platform Tackling AI Risks at Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2023

June 6, 2023

Fasoo, a leader in data-centric security, will demonstrate its latest advancements in data security posture management solutions at the 2023 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit June 5 – 7 in the Washington DC area. It will showcase its unified Data Security Platform that enhances security to minimize AI risks. This helps organizations maintain data security and privacy in today’s remote and hybrid work world without compromising productivity.

“Organizations using Generative AI tools like ChatGPT will increase their competitive advantage, but they also need to mitigate risks of misuse which could lead to a data breach, intellectual property theft, and major data privacy and security issues,” stated Ron Arden, Executive Vice President of Fasoo, Inc. “Fasoo’s approach to data security posture management minimizes AI risks with its context-based discovery, advanced data protection and intelligent monitoring.”

Fasoo AI Radar (Fasoo AiR) is an innovative data privacy solution that detects and protects sensitive information based on its advanced machine learning (ML) technology. Instead of using conventional regex-pattern rules, the solution detects personally identifiable information (PII) by understanding the context of documents, including Microsoft Office and PDF files (plans to support video and audio files soon). It not only detects privacy information but can mask sensitive information automatically, helping organizations protect PII data and comply with privacy regulations.

Fasoo AI Proxy (Fasoo AiP) is an intelligent secure web gateway solution that monitors, analyzes and filters sensitive information while users access public generative AI services. Fasoo’s innovative approach allows only authorized users and groups to use public AI services and restricts sharing of sensitive content while the users are accessing the AI services.

Fasoo Integrated Log Manager (FILM) is a comprehensive file usage log management solution that monitors and analyzes the complete use of all unstructured data, enabling organizations to take preventive measures to mitigate potential risks and optimize their data security policies. FILM visualizes the security status of all devices and monitors logs of data security solutions, meeting today’s most stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

The Fasoo Data Security Platform (DSP) uses zero-trust principles to enable a unified and highly automated capability to discover, classify, protect, govern and monitor sensitive files. Controls are enforced as sensitive files move about cloud services and when collaborating and sharing data with internal and external parties.

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