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[Event] Fasoo Showcases How Content Virtualization Enables Information Management and Collaboration Across Multiple Platforms

March 26, 2019

Fasoo, a leader in the intelligent information management market, will demonstrate how content virtualization revolutionizes information management and collaboration at the AIIM Conference being held March 26-28 in San Diego.

Fasoo’s content virtualization works across a myriad of cloud, enterprise repositories, collaboration tools and personal devices to control and synchronize files so employees are free to access, work and store content anywhere. The approach ensures the latest version is always available, eliminates redundant copies, and maintains back-up and usage history for all versions. Employees no longer waste time searching for files in multiple locations with the risk of working on the wrong version. Fasoo’s Wrapsody and Wrapsody eCo solutions are powered by content virtualization.

Wrapsody is an enterprise grade solution that manages and integrates all organization documents regardless of where they are located. The platform provides an integrated set of key content services including access control, sync, revision control, and back-up, all transparent to user workflows. Its intuitive user interface helps employees manage and share content more efficiently. File-level protection and traceability enable enterprises to protect their data and comply with privacy regulations.

Wrapsody eCo is a security-by-design collaboration solution that offers users the flexibility to specify the security and control for each file, from open sharing to encryption, even to granular rights such as edit and print. Users can work across collaboration portals while preserving consistent file security and traceability. Wrapsody eCo puts 3rd-party security and risk management under your control with the ability to remotely expire access to shared data at will.

Visit Fasoo at AIIM booth #41 to learn why our content virtualization powered solutions bring a new era to information management.

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