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Data Protection is the Heart of Zero Trust

Download this Forrester report to see how Fasoo meets your data protection needs for zero trust

In its report The Definition of Modern Zero Trust, Forrester Research outlines the evolution of Zero Trust from 2009’s focus on network segmentation to today’s view that “data protection is the heart of Zero Trust”.  The report provides a clear, concise definition of Zero Trust to help you understand the best way to implement data protection that meets zero trust standards.

Fasoo’s methods for safeguarding sensitive files meet zero trust standards by enforcing encryption, controlling data-in-use, and providing access management, all implemented at the file.  It doesn’t rely on security at every cloud location, endpoint, or third party to implement Zero Trust principles, since it focuses on the file itself, a key to Zero Trust data protection in today’s hybrid workplace.

Read the Forrester report to gain a more in-depth perspective while advancing your 2023 initiatives and Zero Trust Architecture.

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