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Forrester Report

Securing Generative AI

Forrester Best Practice Report for Use Cases, Threats, Risks, and Skills

Generative AI exploded into consumer consciousness with the release of Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT. It grabbed wide attention and speculation, driving enterprise interest, integration, and adoption.

It also caused of lot of confusion and anxiety within the security community as everyone wanted to get in on the act.

In this report, you will learn:

  • What departments are most likely to adopt generative AI
  • Their primary use cases
  • Threats and what security and risk teams need to defend against as this emerging technology goes mainstream

Today’s security leaders:

  • Worry about the impact on their security team first
  • Think in terms of code, not natural language
  • Lack of right third-party risk management questions to ask generative AI
  • Need to deploy modern security practices for AI success

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Fasoo’s takes a different approach than today’s traditional solutions. We push controls and security to what needs protection – the file – and bind them so safeguards travel everywhere with the file. Sensitive data is always protected, visibility is never lost, and policies are persistent .

Access Privileges

Identity aware access, control by user, roles and groups

Granular Rights

Restrict what users can do with the document

Embedded ID

Trace files anywhere, know access usage, remote delete


Data itself is protected and travels with file

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