Stop Confidential Data Theft through Paper Printouts

Challenge: Your employees access sensitive and confidential patient information daily so they can do their jobs.

Without persistent data-centric security, they can devise creative ways to defeat traditional perimeter based security measures. They can change the name of a sensitive file before printing it to avoid detection by security systems or make screen captures of sensitive information. If you are in healthcare, you need to protect printed PHI and other sensitive information from easily leaving your organization.

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Solution: With Fasoo Smart Print you can:

  • Restrict printing documents with PHI or other sensitive information

  • Require authentication prior to retrieving a printout

  • Apply dynamic watermarks to printouts without user intervention

  • Trace and manage printing activities, including the actual content of documents in text or image format

  • Limit printing to virtual printers

  • Control who can View, Edit, Print and take a Screen Capture

Securely Share Patient Information Externally

Challenge: Hospitals and doctors routinely share patient information with labs, clinics, insurance companies and other healthcare providers.

Once this information leaves your control, third parties can share it with anyone, possibly compromising your and your patient’s confidentiality. These actions can violate HIPAA and patient privacy laws.

You need to extend the security of your internal organization to your partners so that patient information is protected regardless of where it goes and who has it.

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Solution: Fasoo Enterprise DRM protects patient information as you share it externally by encrypting the files and applying persistent security policies that protect them regardless of their location or file format.

  • Encrypt PHI to meet HIPAA and new data protection legislation

  • Securely share files with labs, clinics and other providers

  • Control who can View, Edit, Print and take a Screen Capture

  • Limit access time and number of devices

  • Revoke access to shared files immediately

  • Trace and control user/file activities in real-time

Protect Health Records Viewed in EMR Systems

Reduce the risk of HIPAA violations and PHI exposure when viewing information on screens

Challenge: As clinicians and others view patient information, screen capture tools and smartphones make it easy to capture the sensitive information displayed on the computer screen.

This increases the likelihood of a data breach as a trusted insider may inadvertently or deliberately share this information on social media or with unauthorized people. These actions can violate HIPAA and patient privacy laws.

You need to block efforts to capture what is on the screen and provide specific information through a watermark that shows the screen’s location.

Solution: Fasoo Enterprise DRM protects patient information.

  • Prevent screen capture tools from capturing PHI on computer screens

  • Deter users from taking pictures of sensitive data on a screen with visible watermarks

  • Apply customized watermarks for each user and application

  • Stop access of sensitive information on a screen through virtual machines

  • Limit remote access to sensitive information on a screen