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Apex Assembly Tech Leaders Northeast Summit

Fasoo Explains How to Stop Intellectual Property Theft by Encrypting and Controlling Sensitive Data at Apex Assembly Tech Leaders Northeast Summit.

Fasoo sponsored the Apex Assembly Tech Leaders Northeast Summit on March 30, 2021 which will unite visionary leaders and industry experts for a half day of content and discussion, examining the challenges of 2020 and concentrate on the most pressing issues of 2021 in the information technology sector.

Join our Fireside Chat and learn:

  • How to protect intellectual property in manufacturing and supply chain environments
    from insider threats
  • Why using solutions focused on Microsoft Office do not meet protection needs for the
    breadth and depth of IP
  • How centralized policies and control ensure you never have orphaned IP

For more information, please visit the Apex CISO National Virtual Summit website.


Mar 30 2021


All Day

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