Discover and Classify

CIOs, CISOs, CCOs and CDOs face an urgent need to protect sensitive data and meet increasingly stringent privacy regulations.  Unfortunately, too many projects falter as vendor solutions require an overly complex data discovery and classification process.

Today’s solutions require you to either pursue a time consuming, academic approach to catalog all data for all purposes, or to deploy a data loss prevention or behavioral analytics approach that requires “more data about data”, complicates classification, and doesn’t actually protect the data, giving you a false sense of security.


Fasoo Data Radar finds and encrypts unstructured sensitive data, manages user access, and embeds a unique identifier in each file using our unique “Pac & Tag” technology.  Data is always protected and under your control, regardless of location, with the ability to trace and expire it anywhere at anytime.  It doesn’t require complex classification like rules-based solutions that attempt to map all things data and users can and can’t do.

Fasoo Data Radar is a unified solution for data security, privacy and compliance that scans files in file repositories, local PCs and other storage locations to find content that is confidential or of high value. Files matching your unique definition of sensitive data can be tagged, protected and controlled according to policy, without the need for user intervention.

Discover & Classify

Encrypt & Restrict Access

Trace & Audit

Fasoo Data Radar is unique. We don’t require complex classification like rules-based solutions that attempt to map all things data and users can and can’t do. We find and encrypt sensitive data and restrict unauthorized access from the start so its protected no matter where it travels or how its used. And your data is genuinely protected, not just monitored like other solutions.

It unifies our industry leading unstructured data discovery and classification tools with the smart “Pac & Tag” technology. Unlike conventional solutions, our approach encrypts and restricts access at the file-level (Pac) and embeds a unique identifier (Tag) to provide the utmost in data security and privacy controls.


Protect the File

Not only monitor and detect anomalies, Pac protects the data itself.

Protected Everywhere

Pac travels with the file to endpoints, clouds and other repositories.



User Access

Pac restricts user access at the file level. You no longer need to manage folder encryption and access.

Unique File Identifier

Tag travels with the file providing deeper traceability than log analysis-based approaches.



Persistent Identifier

Tag is inherited by all file derivatives, including copies with different names and formats.

Remote Expire

You can easily revoke access to all file derivatives and renamed copies wherever they reside.


Fasoo Data Radar displays file information, including:

  • Names or content that match regular expressions or keywords, such as PII or PHI
  • Unprotected, protected by Fasoo Enterprise DRM or Fasoo Data Radar
  • Extensions (types) of interest, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, images or PDFs
  • Files that have been distributed throughout the organization
  • Day-to-day variations in these statistics

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