Discover and Classify

To enable effective and efficient data security, organizations must define the scope of which data to protect. However, it can be challenging to determine the location, file extension, and copies of files that contain sensitive data. This process can be difficult because confidential files are continuously being moved and edited. To properly determine which files to protect, organizations must first locate all unstructured data that reside on endpoints, file shares, and repositories. Files must then be classified and protected based on the company’s data security policies.

Fasoo Data Radar is an enterprise classification and security policy management tool that is complementary to Fasoo Enterprise DRM. Data Radar can also be implemented as a standalone discovery and classification solution. It scans files throughout the enterprise to find content that is confidential or of high value. It can scan files located within folders and logical drives on PCs – that is, it can scan files on file servers, cloud storage servers, repositories, and anything else that can be mounted as a logical drive or shared folder. The files that Fasoo Data Radar scans are those that match templates which specify criteria for files to be scanned.

The files that Fasoo Data Radar scans are those that match templates which specify criteria for files to be scanned, including:

  • Storage devices, folders, or individual files

  • Filename extensions -- MS Word, Excel, PDF, and more

  • Pattern matching within files names or content

  • Fasoo Enterprise DRM document classes

  • Users and user groups

Fasoo Data Radar displays statistics on file characteristics that it gathers from scans, including:

  • Files that are unprotected, protected by Fasoo Enterprise DRM, or protected by Fasoo Data Radar encryption
  • Files with names or contents contain matches to regular expressions or keywords, such as PII
  • File extensions (types) of interest, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or PDFs
  • Files that have been distributed throughout the organization
  • Day-to-day variations in these statistics