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  1. Create and Share Secure Documents: Documents are encrypted and only the recipients you selected can access the document.
  2. Escape Inbox Chaos: Stop using a cluttered inbox to discover you have important documents waiting. Don’t waste time searching your inbox to find the attachment received or sent days ago.
  3. Seamless Workflow: Wrapsody frees you to find and store your documents anywhere. Encryption and a unique, persistent ID travel with your document throughout its lifecycle.
  4. Wrong Version. Not any more: Save and share documents as you wish. Open the locally stored document days later and automatically see any new versions-no matter where your team members worked or saved their own versions of the document.
  5. Access Anywhere: Use Wrapsody ‘s browser to see activity throughout your organization. Search documents in any number of ways.
  6. Unlock the Value: Use workflow insights to drive digital business transformations and improve processes. Timelines and usage give insights into knowledge development and the organization’s engagement.
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