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Secure your data and meet compliance requirements with iManage and Fasoo

  • Transform your data security with the powerful integration of iManage and Fasoo
  • Elevate your data protection strategy to new heights and embrace a future where security meets simplicity

iManage prioritizes security and compliance, ensuring the protection of customers’ data. Fasoo provides on-premises and cloud users additional security and compliance options through robust encryption when documents are beyond iManage’s secure platform. This data-centric security strategy safeguards intellectual property, secures regulated data, and minimizes insider risks.

With Fasoo, iManage customers can now thoroughly protect and manage client and matter information according to corporate governance and regulatory requirements during document downloads and sharing. Each document access requires user authentication, aligning with zero-trust and data security posture management (DSPM) principles.

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iManage x Fasoo Integration Overview
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